Do Good, Do It Right!


No job is so important, nor any service so urgent that each employee cannot take the time to perform our work in a healthy, safe, secure manner. it is the premier objective of Harvest energy services, inc. to set reasonable methods to identify, recognize and mitigate hazards in the workplace.


“All Accidents Are Preventable”


Harvest is concerned with the environmental well-being of each project, and will make every effort to provide an environmentally clean work environment. The company has every incentive, legal, moral, and economic to minimize hazards that may adversely affect our personnel, property, and the preservation of our environment, as well as the well-being of the public who are exposed to potentially hazardous operations. Harvest’s intention and goal, as a minimum, is not only to develop a plan to fully meet required regulatory compliance obligations but also to achieve a level of performance surpassing the best applicable experience similar to ours.


Harvest Energy Services is dedicated to driving a culture of quality that is focused on continual improvement and project management principles. Our management team is committed to meeting and exceeding the quality expectations of our customers by supporting and providing resources to our teams so that we can achieve quality objectives. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services to our customers.

Harvest Energy Services strives to achieve its quality goals through:

  • Utilizing standardized process and documentation
  • Identifying regulatory and contractual requirements, and ensure compliance
  • Maintaining consistent and reliable communications with customers, and project terms
  • Encouraging team members to participate in improving the organizational work processes
  • Soliciting customer feedback and using the feedback to improve internal processes
  • Performing internal and external audits
  • Striving for compliance with the standards in ISO 9001:2015.